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Many hospitals in Norway wish to collaborate and share clinical procedures and guidelines. This website helps health professionals to produce and share evidence-based clinical procedures and guidelines of high-quality. Such documents will support the work of health professionals, contribute to high-quality care and reduce practice variation.

A survey was conducted among all 29 Norwegian Health Trusts in Norway in 2009. The results showed the need to collaborate, and the extensive work concerning clinical procedures was in urgent need of direction, structure and transparency. This website will make it easier for health professionals to work systematically on procedures and guidelines in Norway. It also lists completed clinical procedures and provides information about ongoing ones. 

Many Norwegian health professionals are involved in producing high quality evidence based clinical procedures. Some plan to have their procedures translated into English.

The authors behind the clinical procedures for how to discover signs and symptoms of child maltreatment, abuse, and neglect gave a poster presentation ( abstract , flyer ) at the 2014 G-I-N Conference in Melbourne, Australia

The authors behind the clinical procedures for psychosocial preparation of children before surgery gave an oral presentation ( abstract ) at the 2014 G-I-N Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The procedure contains supporting material such as age appropriate films and pictorial binders. The films are available in several languages, including English.